Energy & Environment Nanomaterial Laboratory


김희정 (Hee Jung Kim)

Research Professor


Ph.D (2019) Sungkyunkwan University

B.S. (2013) Incheon University


Nano Materials



First Author

- Hee Jung Kim, Jung Sug Hong, Jin Hyuk Choi, Gill Sang Han, Hyun Suk Jung, Effect of phosphate ions on the formation of iron oxide/hydroxide as a stabilizer, Journal of Solid State Chemistry 305, 122688 (2022)

- Hee Jung Kim, jae Myeong Lee, Jin Hyuk Choi, Dong Hoe Kim, Gill Sang Han, Hyun Suk Jung, Synthesis and adsorption properties of gelatin-conjugated hematite (α-Fe2O3) nanoparticles for lead removal from wastewater, Journal of Hazardous Materials 416, 125696 (2021) 

- Hee Jung Kim, Dae-Sung Kim, Hyewon Mun, Hyun Mo Je, Kyoung-Seok Moon, Dong Kyu Roh, Nanosheet coated dual-shell TiO2 sphere with high solar reflectance for thermal-shield materials, Composites Communications 22, 100432 (2020)

- Hee Jung Kim, Dae-Sung Kim, Hyewon Mun, Jae Gu Heo, Hyun Mo Je, Dong Kyu Roh, Shape control of rutile TiO2 particles templated using graft copolymers of thermo-shielding materials, Ceramics International 46, 1227-1231 (2020)

- Hee Jung Kim, Dong Kyu Roh, Jeong Ho Chang, Dae-Sung Kim, SiO2 coated platy TiO2 designed for noble UV/IR-shielding materials, Ceramics International 45, 16880-16885 (2019)

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- Hee Jung Kim, Hyun Jin Lee, Dae-Sung Kim, Hollow TiO2 flake prepared from TiO2 coated glass flake for solar heat protection and their thermal performance, Materials and Design 150, 188-192 (2018)


- SangMyeong Lee, Won Bin Kim, Jae Myeong Lee, Hee Jung Kim, Jin Hyuk Choi and Hyun Suk Jung "Oxide Passivation of Halide Perovskite Resistive Memory Device: A Strategy for Overcoming Endurance Problem" ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2021, 13, 37, 44577–44584

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