Energy & Environment Nanomaterial Laboratory


이재명 (Jae Myeong Lee)

Ph.D. Course


B.S. (2017) Sungkyunkwan University 


Nano Materials 



First Author

- Jae Myeong Lee, Ji Hyun Baek, Thomas Mark Gill, Xinjian Shi, SangMyeong Lee, In Sun Cho, Hyun Suk Jung, Xiaolin Zheng, "A Zn:BiVO4/Mo:BiVO4 homojunction as an efficient photoanode for photoelectrochemical water splitting", Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2019, 7, 15, 9019-9024

- Hee Jung Kim, Jae Myeong Lee, Jin Hyuk Choi, Dong Hoe Kim, Gill Sang Han, Hyun Suk Jung, "Synthesis and adsorption properties of gelatin-conjugated hematite (alpha-Fe2O3) nanoparticles for lead removal from wastewater", Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2021, 416, 15, 125696


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