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  No. 92

Sung-Hyun Kim, Jung-Keug Park, Joo-Hee Hong, Hyun-Suk Jung, Kug-Sun Hong, Jong-Ho Lee, Kwang-Bum Park, Seok-Kyu Choi and Young-Kwon Seo "Increase of BM-MSC proliferation using L-DOPA on titanium surface in vitro" J. Biomater. Appl., 27(2) 143–152 (2012)  [IF : 2.640] [read]  



  No. 91

Sangwook Lee, Ik Jae Park, Dong Hoe Kim, Won Mo Seong, Dong Wook Kim, Gil Sang Han,Jin Young Kim, Hyun Suk Jung and Kug Sun Hong "Crystallographically preferred oriented TiO2 nanotube arrays for efficient photovoltaic energy conversion" Energy Environ. Sci., 5, 7989 (2012)  [IF : 11.653] [read] 



  No. 90

Sangwook Lee, Gill Sang Han, Ji-Hae Lee, Jung-Kun Lee and Hyun Suk Jung "Mesoporous TiO2 nanowires as bi-functional materials for dye-sensitized solar cells" Electrochim. Acta, 74, 83–86 (2012)  [IF : 3.777] [read] 



  No. 89

Shin-Tae Bae, Hyunho Shin, Sangwook Lee , Dong Wook Kim, Hyun Suk Jung and Kug Sun Hong "Visible-light photocatalytic activity of NH3-heat-treated Ta2O5 to decompose rhodamine B in aqueous solution" React. Kinet. Catal. L.,106:67–81 (2012)  [IF : 1.104] [read] 

  No. 88

Jun Hong Noh, Jong Hoon Park, Hyun Soo Han, Dong Hoe Kim, Byung Suh Han, Sangwook Lee, Jin Young Kim, Hyun Suk Jung and Kug Sun Hong "Aligned Photoelectrodes with Large Surface Area Prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition" J. Phys. Chem C.,116, 8102-8110 (2012)  [IF : 4.814] [read] 



  No. 87

Sovan K. Panda, Youngjin Yoon, Hyun Suk Jung, Won-Sub Yoon and Hyunjung Shin "Nanoscale size effect of titania (anatase) nanotubes with uniform wall thickness as high performance anode for lithium-ion secondary battery" J. Power Sources.,202, 162-167 (2012)  [IF : 4.675] [read] 



  No. 86

Sangwook Lee, Dong Hoe Kim, Jin Young Kim, Hyun Suk Jung, Hyunho Shin and Kug Sun Hong "Improved spectral response of sensitized photoelectrodes with the optical modulation layer" Electrochem. Commun.,15, 29–33 (2012)  [IF : 4.425] [read] 



  No. 85

Jun Hong Noh, Bo Ding, Hyun Soo Ha, Ju Seong Kim, Jong Hoon Park, Sang Baek Par, Hyun Suk Jung, Jung-Kun Lee and Kug Sun Hong "Tin doped indium oxide core - TiO2 shell nanowires on stainless steel mesh for flexible photoelectrochemical cells" Appl Phys Lett., 100, 084104 (2012)  [IF : 3.794] [read] 



  No. 84

Dong Wook Kim, Seong Sik Shin, In Sun Cho, Sangwook Lee, Dong Hoe Kim, Chan Woo Lee, Hyun Suk Jung and Kug Sun Hong "Synthesis and photovoltaic property of fine and uniform Zn2SnO4 nanoparticles" Nanoscale, 4, 557 (2012)  [IF : 6.233] [read] 



  No. 83

Jun Hong Noh, Hyun Soo Han, Sangwook Lee, Jin Young Kim,  Kug Sun Hong, Gil Sang Han, Hyun Jung Shin, and Hyun Suk Jung "Nanowire-Based Three-Dimensional Transparent Conducting Oxide Electrodes for Extremely Fast Charge Collection" Adv Energy Mater., 1, 829–835 (2011)  [IF : 10.043]  [read] 



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